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Designed with desire, built with precision

Our Story

We believe that wheels is one of the most important part of the ride quality. We embrace the importance of wheelset weight and rigidity. We don't compromise and strive where marginal gains can be achieved.

Every carbon wheelset has more than 130 separate parts, which must forms a unity that performs on the edge and must be reliable, therefore the care of assembly is the pinnacle. We hand assemble our wheelset with utmost care and precision.

Handbuilt, attention to details, quality components

Our desire to create great bike wheels came from the years of riding and aspiration for technical excellence.

It is fascinating how subtle lightweight bike wheels is, and at the same time how important they are for the ride quality, speed, and experience on bike. Therefore, we build our wheels with utmost care and equal attention to component and build quality. We build only with top-of-the-line Sapim spokes and nipples. We don’t offer budget, compromise products, because we focus on few products which we think will give the best effect on the bike.

Created by cyclists, inspired by experience

The team at Cenos wheels focuses solely on providing carbon wheels that outperform the competition in specs while remaining affordable. We believe that spending excessively on wheels won't guarantee podium finishes. Instead, we encourage investing in memorable adventures and experiences on your bike. Go racing, exploring, or coffee riding - make memories!