Cenos Cycling (below referred to as “Cenos”) provides its customers with a limited 3-year warranty for Cenos products purchase at Cenos online shop.

Cenos warrants all new products to be free from material or manufacturing defects (below referred to as “defects”) during the first three years from the date the product was purchased by the consumer from Cenos online shop (below referred to as “warranty period”).

The warranty of the product and is not transferable and applies to the original purchaser only.

Products or parts replaced under warranty by Cenos will be provided a new warranty period of three years.

Warranty conditions

Warranty is void in the following cases:

The product has been modified in any way

The product was repaired with unauthorized parts

Warranty does not cover

Wear and tear – bearings, freehub, pawls, springs, stickers, and decoration are subject to natural wear and are not the subject of warranty.

Damage caused by improper installation or assembly of a product.

Damage caused by using tire pressure above the product specification.

Damage caused by improper usage of abuse, crash, or impact to the product.

Damage caused by impacts with sharp objects, falls, compression, faulty transportation, or any other not cycling-related actions.

Wheels used for commercial (rental) activities.

Warranty process

The customer must contact Cenos via email info@cenos.cc in regards to a warranty claim. Cenos will either replace or repair the product at no charge. The customer must provide original proof of purchase and the if needed product itself. Customers duty is to cover the cost of the shipment and associated services.

The customer must remove all additional accessories from the wheels – tires, cassettes, brake discs, quick releases, etc. If failed to remove, Cenos does not hold responsibility for these additional items.