Our Journey

Cenos is the team of cross discipline professionals, world-class XC racers, ex road Pro’s, and experienced product developers.

Above all, we are exactly just like you – we are bike riders.

My first bike race was in spring '96. Since that day cycling caught me strong. There were no mechanics around, so I had to mend everything myself with little or no help from elderly. It started with changing the punctured tubes, adjusting gears and overhauling hubs. I always had interest to dig further, so in the age of 19 I opened first suspension and hydraulic brake service in Lithuania. Then further studies in Copenhagen where I worked and at one of the coolest bike shops Bikebuster and had chance to learn from the best cycling professional and mechanics.

The idea to develop Cenos products came from experience riding countless hours of all bike disciplines. Riding all these other wheelsets, I realized that by merging my knowhow and teams' skills we could make a better product. More lightweight, stiffer, in every way more thoroughly designed product.

This did not come out of nowhere. Experience and natural interest towards perfection are the key.

We are Cenos and we are here to serve the best for your ride.